Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Highly Educated Slaves

♀ You Highly Educated [Programmed] Xenophobic People with all that expensive inferior “modern” [slave] technology & materialism still have to PAY to Live… the Indigenous “Uneducated” [Poor] People wit’ all that Inner BlacKundalini Technology [Divine BlaCKEMETHERIConsciousness] can Live Universally Free & be Extremely Prosperous on Her Giant Atmospheric Globe of Self Sustaining Occultic [Extra Telepathic] Energy… Permeating from Inner Earth’s Global Dimensions of Resourceful Radium MELanin [Infinite Spiritual & Sovereign Wealth]… your paper monopoly [blood] money that BOUGHT you your fancy religious degrees and cheaply made overpriced "mansions"...  don’t impress Us Advanced Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHNICosmic Mental Architects of Orion's Omnipotent Omni:verse... Ha! ♀

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