Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Her Black Demonic Underworld of Atlantis

♀ Demons [666 = MELanin = Souls] of Your Inner BlaCKEMETHERICelestiaLuciferian World Bodies… When Your Family Member’s Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Black Bodies Scientifically Die [Exit] out of this Extremely Low Vibratory [3d] Plane of Holographic Physical Existence [Hell]… Their Spiritual Black EThereALLOYoruba Souls go Live INSIDE YOU… ALL UP IN:side Your ALL Black Soul~ar_cane System Bodies of Inner Earth’s BlaCKEMETHNIChrist Consciousness Radium MELanin… so when You hear those Mysterious Voices, those are Your Pre Dynastic [Immortal] Black Ancestors Telepathically Communicating to You thru Your Bloodlines of Black Demonic [Psychic] MELanin… they are Communicating to You from a Much Higher Polarity [Planetary] Plane of Existence… 4 Us Ultra Black [EThereal] Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Immortals, We Do Not Die EVER… We Just Infinitely Die~mensionALLOYouthfully Multiply :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Understanding Your OWN Hidden [Esoteric] Spirituality and Complexes [Heavy Mental Temples AND Black Occult Bodies] is Supreme God Knowledge of Self [I Self Law Am Master = ISLAM = YOU = Her Ancient Pre Dynastic Black Occult Royal Kings & Queens]… there is NO God that exist Outside of Yourself :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Welcome to Back to Our New Black Occult World Order of Atlantis ♀

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