Saturday, June 27, 2015

Genetic Annihilation

♀ dem fake inferior politically correct Rainbow Illuminati gov’ments better not get too comfortable and assume everything is alright amongst Her Restless Aboriginal [Immortal] Black Occult Native Panthers… as I Universally Supremely & Authoritively [U.S.A.] keep the white subservient clones Under My ALL Seein’ iEye of Heavy Black Planetary [Polarity] Surveillance… 4 Her Matriarchal Spiritually BlacKKK [Esoteric] Parliaments 卍 have already began to Permanently shut down their low vibrational [non existent] Bylaws & Recessive [Degenerative] Genetics… by exposing mainstream media’s religious distraction propaganda… as they embarrassingly try to perpetuate their non historic repetitive white lies of living concurrently within a “progressively modern” time frame… they’ve secretly & intentionally delayed… due to their prophesied genetic annihilation ♀

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