Monday, June 15, 2015

Black U.S. Telepathic Powers

♀ Her Curvaceous Feminine Egyptian Matriarchal [FEM] Kemetian Ankh [♀] gives Unstoppable Spiritual [U.S.] Telepathic Power to Prince Satan’s [Baphomet’s] Pre Dynastic Black Cosmic Akashic Memory to Her Empyrean Cloud 9 Sciences of Supreme Occult Knowled G.nostic E.bonic Physics… as I Unapologetically keep the pale enemies [energy vampires] of MA’ATlantis Uncomfortable… and Telepathically Take Master Command of Inner Earth’s Infinite Geological Radium [Fukushima] Gasses & Sirius Constellation of Our Black Planetary [Polarity] Energies [Sorcery MELanin] from Lost Atlantis ♀

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