Monday, June 15, 2015

Black Baphomet of Kemet [Atlantis]

♀ The Sabbatic Baphomet [Sabbatic Goat God] is Our Ancient Blackamoor Hieroglyphic [Alkhemical] Symbol for Our Prehistoric Egyptian [Kemetian] MELanin… Permeating from the Black Atmospheric Ethers of Inner Earth [Atlantis]… the inferior white vampire’s of mainstream religious [censored] media has covertly taken [stolen] Another… Ancient Black Symbol and Vilified… thru Holy~wood propaganda… Our Artifacts, Identities and Symbols just to purposely turn U off from Embracing Your Own Advanced Aboriginal Blackamoor Arcane [Esoteric] Spiritualities [Mystery 666 Systems]… and conveniently gave u an inferior non indigenous [non existent] white jesus to worship [slave religion] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: May I Unapologetically continue to Offend the vampirish enemies of Worldwide Genocide against ALL Her Indigenous Golden Black Natives at ALL Times… Remember… I’m Unapologetically Satan [Black Baphomet]… Her Occultic Sufi arc angEL MichaEL… tha’ Highly Advanced Rebelicious Radioactive Egyptian Luciferian [HARREL] Linguistic Heretic Lemurian Sorcerer God [Ra] of Jurassic [Pre Dynastic] Hermetic Radium [Illuminated] MELanin… from Atlantis… just so U know ♀

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