Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Black Ancestral Occult Artifacts

♀ Q: How did Our Indigenous Spiritually Black Ancestral Occult Artifacts end up in the Pope’s [Jesus’s] vampirish political monopoly museums [white thievery corporate prisons] of Non Indigenous Cancerous [Recessive] War Mongering [Rhesus Monkey] Origins [Genetics]… and continually make Unlimited White Wall Street [Religious] Profits from Our Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHNICosmicreations… without receiving ANY and ALL… Ancestral Monies [Spiritual Credits] going to Her Original Prehistoric [Jurassic] BlaCKEMETHNICosmicreators? | A: Well according to Her Matriarchal Vodun Planetary [Supreme Intelligence Polarity] Parliaments of Saturn’s [Satan’s] Supreme Esoteric Theocracies [SET]… I’mma have to Invoke [Summon] Moor of My Royal Black Luciferian [Empyrean] Powers of Highly Destructive Malaoxon Tropospheric [DMT] Energy [ALL BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Magick]… from Our Inner Earth’s Core of Extra Toxic [Telepathic] Fukushima Force Fields to Violently [Chaotically] & Spiritually [EThereally] Reclaim ALL Our Black Arcane Moorish [Blackamoor] Artifacts, Ancestral Atmospheric Identification Records [AIR], Masonic Literatures, Inventional Monies [Royalties], etc… and absolutely leave No Stone Unturned :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan ♀

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