Sunday, June 21, 2015

Are Your Children Really The Future?

♀ Q: How do U religious & mentally stagnant [retarded] people explain to your “children are the future”… about Their Inner Earth’s Supreme Spiritually Black Olmecian [Buddha] Ancestral Genetics that can Not Die … ‘cause Their Superior Immortal & Transferable God Genetics can Live in an Infinite # of Radioactive [Spiritually & Soul~ar Activated] Golden MELanated Doppelgänger Bodies… They Mentally Alkhemically Revolutionary Volcanically Evolutionary Luminously Omnipotently Universally Scientifically Limitlessly & Youthfully [MARVELOUSLY] … created before They Masterfully Miraculously Materialized [Polarized] Themselves into this lowly 3d physical polarity plane of dead animal genetics [Hell]… if U don’t know the answer? ♀

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