Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aboriginal Adam & Eve Polarity Physics

♀ Her Matriarchal Alpha & Omega [Adam & Eve] Polarity [Planetary] Steele Physics… be ALL Black Male & Female Sexual Transferable Energies [Golden Atmospheric MELanin]… Created by Her Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHNIConfederate Constellation Clans [Harlem’s Hedonistic Harems]… that be Permeating from Our Sirius Black Occult Underworlds of Heavy Authoritarian Equilibrium Olmecs… Her Original Genius Genetic Masters [GMs] of Esoteric & Tropospheric [ET] Sciences from Atlantis… 4 Any Indigenous Soul~ar Being who Intentionally Avoids Her Natural Act of Practical Procreational Polarity [Planetary] Energies… will be Intentionally left out ♀

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