Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Religious Gov'ment Churches Produce Street Drugs for Profit

♀ Your Local Black “Tracking System” Churches & Kingdom Halls are a front for the Organized Religious Vatican Gov’ments to Funnel “Illegal Street Drugs” [Legal Gov’ment Pharmaceutical Drugs] & Firearms… that can only produce Uncharacteristic Mental Slave [Clone] Behavior into Your Once ALL Black Financially & Philosophical Flourishing Communities [remember Black Wall Street of 1921]… only to Systematically Destroy [Genocide] You… Her Native Black American Moors [Original Black American Indians = Gnostic Lemurians of Atlantis]… and let’s not forget the Religious Holy~wood Gov’ments endless productions of Scripted National Mainstream News Stories [for Non Indigenous people profit] about how “Ghetto” [Unsafe = Run Down = Lazy = Unemployable] Your Inner Resourceful Communities are… National Mainstream Media Assault = Worldwide Character Assassination [Advanced Political Blaxploitation]… Now once they’ve won that Propaganda Media War and have Successfully [Politically] Forced You Out of Your Indigenous Spiritual AncestraLands… the “white” Collar Suburbanites [Fake Sympathetic Politically Correct Missionaries = Inferior Clones of Artificial Intelligence and Stolen Identities] Move in and CLAIM [take Ownership] of Your Once Flourishing Black Esoteric [Non Religious] Communities… and all You’re left holding is a misinterpreted bible with no land and no money… but for some of You, the Religious Gov’ment white Jesus [Non Indigenous Politician] is still Your Savior… Really? ♀

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