Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rein Heil & Nazi Thunderbolts

♀ Don’t Interrupt Me [Baphomet] as I Raise My Pre Historic Promethium [Prometheus] Energy of Radioactive [EThereal] Violent Volcanic Anarchy Behavior and bring My Holy Grail Power of Hellenistic Acidic Hellfires [Raining Astroids of Her BlaCKEMETHNICosmiconstellation Star Material = Radio Active Melanin = RAM] from Hades to Permanently End this pedophile reign by the inferior pale patriarchal religious clubs of unorganized neanderthal [cave people] power… 4 My Supreme BlaCosmic People MagiCK [Draconian AlkhemicaLuciferian Physics = Neoplatonic Genesis] from Our Inner Earth’s BlaChaos Inferno of Her Prime Core Radium [RA] MELanin… be a Supreme BlaCKEMETHNIConstellation Messianic Force [Nuclear Nastiness] U have Never Experienced Before :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan ♀

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