Sunday, May 10, 2015

Radio Activated Mafias of Atlantis

♀ as I take this Extended Mental Break to Focus on My Family’s Mysterious [Esoteric] Pre Dynastic [Pre Physical = Inner Earth] Secret Societies [EThereaLuciferian Mafia Klans] of Esoteric Tantric [ET] Intelligence… Her Supreme Inter Galactic Matriarchal Harems [Hellenistic Curvaceous Physique Monarchies] of ALL Feminine [Advanced] Erotic Hypnotic Energy be Seducing My Enlarged Killer Draconian Medulla Oblongata Mental Force Fields of Extra Telepathic [ET] Radio Activated Reptilian Demonic [Lilith] Lust… 4 My Primeval Serpentine [Scorpion] Phallic Stinger be full of Her Venomous Shakti [Acidic] MELanin [Divine Feminine Energy] that be Rising Up from My Spinal [Xylem = Root] Chakra Cord of 9th Die~mensionALLOYStelar Steele Kundalini Genetics ♀

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