Saturday, May 2, 2015

Promiscious Mental Health

♀ Her Repetitive 3d Moralist Holier than Thou BehavioraLinguistics Charade [Phony Religious Jesuit Clone Cult] of Anti Saturday Hedonistic Nights of Consensual SinfuLustful Sexual Conduct… be ALL Heavy Mental Sex Physics [Easy Prey = Pray] for Prince Satan’s Monumental Sadistic Giza Pineal Cerebrum [EL Diablo Mental] of Immoral Indecent Telepathic Thoughts… as I Psychically Seduce [Wrongfully Worship] Her Salacious Inner Sexual LiturgicaLipps [Pussy] of Playful Guilt Free Promiscuous Behavior… as She Shamefully ask for Forgiveness on Disgraceful Sinful Sundays [Pimp Pope Priest Paydays] ♀

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