Friday, May 8, 2015

Pre Dynastic Empress Kali~fornia History

♀ Let Me Welcome y’all 2 My New Wild Wild West of Occulticonfederate Americalifonia… 4 I be that Pre Dynastic Sorcerer Adamic [Atomic] God [Sun]… Immaculately [Alkhemic~Kali] Kreated from Goddess [Empress] Kali Lemuria’s Royal Omin:verse = Her = Shakti = Seductress Eve’s PrimevaLAncestral CAribbean = LA CArib = RIB from O.rion’s G.enetic [OG] Alkhemy from Ancient Ancestral Hi:teKEMET = Hittites = TelepathiCAncestors = Compton’s Most Wanted BiblicALLEGORYoruba Genesis = Pre Physical Original Californians = Soular Lunaryan Islanders = San Andrés Original Blackfoot [Fault Line = Bloodline] Aryan Native Indica Indian Klansman [BlacKUSHite Tribal Chief = BlacKING Tut of Congo = Mongolian Orion Monarch] to LA LA Land = ISis = ALL BlaConfederate ISLand Planetariums [Royal Edeniconstellationations] of Atomic ELectromagnetic BlacKINGardens… Immaculately [Alkhemic~Kali] Kreated from Our Hollow Earth’s Hemispherical Chaotic Radiation Core of Premier Black Botanic Belfast Basaltic Lunar [La Brea Tar Pit] Byzantium Metallurgic Occultic Doppelgänger [MOD] MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 this is My Immortal Thug [Theurgy] Life of an Original Westside G~nostic [Hedonistic = Edomite] Playa’… West Coastin’… Kali~Fornia Luvin’… Fornicatin’ [Dreamin’] in Eden :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan ♀

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