Saturday, May 30, 2015

Occultic Thuggery

♀ Prince Satan be Her #1 Most Wanted Occultic BlaCKEMETHERICriminal Thug of Supreme Esoteric Knowled G.nostic E.bonics… as I Rebeliciously Rob Steal & Cryptically Disable the Inferior Religious Patriotic Gov’ments of Politically Correct Intrusive Moral Propaganda… and make them Watch Me as I continue to Immorally & Pleasurably Sin wit’ Her Seductive Feminine Form Harems of Sirius Sinful Sexual supeRNAtural [Omnipotent] Genetics… 4 My Indestructible Undiscoverable Golden Black [Hermes] Bloodlines & Washitaw Sorcery Magick Cannot be Analyzed Reconfigured Copied or Destroyed by Any Intruders of Non Indigenous Heritage… so if you feel the need to Underestimate Me, I’ll Nightmarishly [Violently] take your breath away… Permanently ♀

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