Friday, May 22, 2015

Her Gnostic God Race of Atlantis

♀ Prince Satan’s Superior Inner Earth Gnostic [Esoteric = Black Magick] Mental Genetics is ABOVE your religious godly gov’ments… 4 Your enemy’s infantile jesus propaganda of morally correct [slave mental] behavior has absolutely NO spiritual value [worth] whatsoever in Our Worldwide Occulticonstellation of Nepotistic Washitaw Orions [NWO of Olmec Sorcerers = BlaCKEMETHNIChrist People = Gnostic God Race = Nephilim] to Her Supreme UniversaLuciferian Energy [Neoplatonic MELanin] from Atlantis… You have spent generation after generation after generation Worshiping… Marching… Voting… Praying = Begging to a Non Existent deity [Holographic Slave Master] of No BlaCKEMETHERICelestial Akashic Origins… You only Report to their Local Gov’ment 501 {c} {3} Tax Exempt Churches on My Sinful Sexual Sundays just so You can satisfy your guilt ridden [holographic] consciousness and financially support the fake pimp pope priests [unspiritual gov’ment agents of Mental Destruction] to Reward You wit’ “feel good” inspirational messages… as they secretly Laugh Out Loud behind Your backs and continue to con You out of your little gov’ment paper money… and more importantly, the Succubus Reverends [Vampires] of Leech~like Behavior Rob You of Your Indigenous Spiritual Radium Energy [Inter Galactic BlaCKEMETHNIConsciousness]… so just in case You still asleep… You are tha’ OriginaLemurian Royaliens of Her Infinite Omni:verse [Illuminated Black Magick Royals of Esoteric Eden]… but You’d rather settle and remain enslaved as a lowly religious 3d slave [prey] ‘cause You’ve been “promised” that an Inadequate white jesus is coming to save You from the created enemies of cannibalistic genetic rhesus monkey behavior… 4 You have been systematically bullied into their inferior religious guilt cults by some of Your own family members… by Your inferior political gov’ments of Useless Civil Rights Wanna be All Stars [Gov’ment Agents = Sell Outs]…. by Your patriotic [cloned] neighbors… by Your politically correct [fake] friends of mainstream sheeplike behavior… by Your carefully monitored expensive television sets of Scripted Hollywood Propaganda [Refurbished] News Stories, etc… 4 Jesus, Inc. [$$$] cares Nothing about You and how could he [it], if he [it] Does Not exist… Fear Shuts Down Your Supreme Akashic MELanin [Black Hermetic Magick] Power from Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan ♀

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