Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Freedman's Bureau of Institutionalized Slavery

♀ ALL Vampirish Gov’ment Owned Churches & Kingdom Halls are Fraudulent Inspirational Ceremonial Sanctuaries [Vatican Institutions = Freedman’s Bureau] of No Esoteric [Supreme Spiritual] Knowledge… they only Recite [Yell] Indoctrinated Behavioral Catch Phrases [Empty Promises = Dogma] You’ve heard a billion times before and of course lets not forget the Disco Choir of Redundant Gospel [god spell] Songs to really Finesse [Fondle] Your Fragile Religious [Holographic] Egos… as that Succubus Collection Plate makes its way around to Collect Your worker bee 9 to 5 Mental Slave Wages… just so the Hollering Pimp Pope Priests [Religious Gov’ment Agents = Leeches] can Purchase another Mansion… Luxury Car… Private Schooling for their Holier than Thou Offspring… 4 the Joke [Bill] is on You… Amen! ♀

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