Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sorcerer Gods of Wizardry Magick

♀ Her Pre Dynastic [Ancient = EThereAL] Witchcraft Sorcerer Gods [BlaCKEMETHNIC Sages] of Ultra BlaCosmiconstellation Wizardry MagicK [EThereALLEGORY Science = Extra Telepathic Physics] comes from Our Inner Clairvoyant Equilibrium Underworlds of Highly Advanced BlaChristian [BlaCrystalized Bloodlines = BlaChrist Klans] ALkhemystics of Atlantis… who consist of Many Moor Undiscovered Amalgamated Metallic Liquids… violently eruptin’ from Our Inner Earth’s Volcanic Pineal Chamber of Sentient Bionic Akashic Sybaritic Ebonic [BASE] MetALs of Golden Byzantium [EThereALLOY] MELanin ♀

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