Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sirius Afrofuturistic Physics

♀ As I, Prince Satan… Mentally Fold Space & Time [Dream Out Loud] from My Inner Galactic Underworlds of Chaos MELanin [Hell = Hades]… My Extra Theurgic [ET] Scripted Verses about Our Ancient Futuristic Past is Rooted [EThereally Connected] to Her Infinite Sentient Sea of Hi:teKEMETHNICities of Sirius Afrofuturistic Sciences [Henosis Physics]… Masterfully Developed by Her Inner BlaCosmic Telepathic Starseed [Starlight = Lightbringer = Luciferian Moors = Heavy MentALemurians] Parliament [Inter Planetary Brotha’hood = Ancient BlaCKEMETHNIC Buddha Syndicate] Klans of Atlantis ♀

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