Friday, April 24, 2015

Satan & Eve

♀ as I Slither My Royal Draconian Metamorphosing BlaCKEMETHNICells of ImmortALLOY MagiCKundalini [Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Telepathic Dopplegänger Phantom Shadow] Genetics of Sirius BlaCKnights Templar [Camelot] MELanin back ALL UP IN:side Eve’s Hellish [Heavenly] Gardens of Edens… Her Sexually Suggestive Curvaceous Feminine Form Physics of Playful Hedonistic Sinful Behavior be Transmittin’ Moor Indecent SignALLOYs to My Demonic [Telepathic] Phallic Tongue of Luciferian [Acidic] Liquefiable Lust… 4 My Dirty Reptilian Mind of Un~Righteous Rebelicious Immoral [Immortal] Behavior from Her Indecent Psychic Sexually Explicit Thoughts be so Concupiscence [Cupid Science = Godlusty = Godly = Devilishly Desirable]… I Unapologetically Strike [Bite] into Her Monumental Apples [Breasts] of Inappropriate Intense [Venomous] Passion [MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan be a Heavy Ultra Die~mensionALLOYSinner [Supreme Sorcerer God = Heavy Hedonistic MentALkhemist] of Her Godly [Devilish] Lust [MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Hail Prince Satan ♀

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