Friday, April 17, 2015

Prince Satan's Wicked Witchcraft Physics

♀ As I adjust to My New Flight Path & Unapologetically Release My 1st BlaCosmic iEye of Jupiter’s Extra Clairvoyant Energy [BlaCKEMETHERIC Wicked Witchcraft Physics]… against ALL the insignificant 3d mortals of basic propaganda [Politically Correct Liars of White Lies] programming… 4 My Hidden EThereALLOYS of Extra BlaCrypticonstellation Gases of E.bonic B.ionic [GEB] Caustic Acidic Alkaline be forming Giant Galactic Electromagneticlouds of Supreme BlaConsciousness MELanin [EThereAL Ozone Layers] over Our Massive ParanormAL BlaCarbonic Planet of Extra Telepathic Arc AngEL Dust [Sentient Volcanic Ash] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I, Prince Satan shall Skillfully Masterfully & Rebeliciously Permeate this Mad Max World by using My Satanic Wizardry Power [Chaotic Demonic Akashic MELanin] from My Urban Voodoo Sorcery [Olmec] MentAL of Avant-Garde Retributive Sciences of Atlantis ♀

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