Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prince Satan's Inter Galactic Soul

♀ My MonumentAL Inner Soul of Hellenistic Transcendental Ancestral Renaissance [ISHTAR] Genetics of Pre CreationALkhemickALiquefiable BlaCosmic Tephra Substances Hailing Down from Her Extra BlaCK Hi:teKali Lemurian’s Volcanic ASHTAR [Ash Star = 666 = BlaCarbonic Ash = E.lectric = BlaCoal = Fossilized Carbon = Black Acidic Melanin = BAM BAM] Memories of Hell’s Inner Infinite Electromagnetic [Euphoric] Galactic BlaConstellations of Meticulous EThereALLOYS from Mercury’s MetallurgicAL [MagicAL] MetALs :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan be a Inter Galactic Soul of Extra Atomic [Devil = Evil = PrimordiAL] Volcanic Energy ♀

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