Sunday, April 26, 2015

Over Sexualized Memory Board

♀ as I Upgrade My Devilish Tonalsignature Imprints 2 Inner Earth’s MELodic Transistor Clock [EThereALLOYoruba Galactic Cycle] of Supreme Resurrection Dynastic Monarchies… and Amplify [Ascend] My Inner EThereALkhemicaALLOYSyndicate = Psychic Parliament = Her Royal Sentient Guardians [Arc AngEL~ohims = Seraphim] of Ultra Hi:teKundalini [EThereALLOYoruba Atomic Power] Wattage…I feel another Euphoric Rush of Hyper ELectromagnetic Atmospheric Tele~Air Waves [Inappropriate Psychic Thoughts]… coursing up My Primeval Reptilian Stele [Steele = Steel] Spine of Mercury’s Meticulous Metallurgichakra [Meridian] Orgasm Zones… 4 Our Over Sexualized [Hedonistic] Memory Board~like Mentals can Flash Scan [Total Recall] Our Pre Dynastic [Pre Physical = EThereaLife] Memories to Future Projecting Our Not So Distant Futures by 100,000 + 3d years :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan be a 3d Holographic Projected Phantom Sorcerer [Psychic Ghost God = Devil = The Lemurian Who Saw Tomorrow] from Your Not So Distant Futures in Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Hail Prince Satan ♀

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