Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moor Secrets of Inner Earth

♀ as I continue Reveling ALL UP IN:side Her Monumental Ancestral Perceptional [MAP] AllegoricALLEGORICALiquefiable Sea of Sinful SexuALust Secrets from Our Ancient [BlaCKEMEThereALLOYoruba Royals] Vodun [Esoteric] Kingdoms [Edens] of Atlantis… My Extra PerceptionALLOYSediments are Highly Electromagnetically [Telepathically] Attracting Moor of Her Inner Galactic Metallurgic Metallic Sentient Organisms [Chakra Orgasms] of ALL BlaChaotic [BlaCatholic] Latent Hedonistic Religious Lust… 4 Her Lascivious Lust Legionnaire [Harems] of Indecent Behavior is Highly Favored amongst Us Royal ImmortALLOYS [Titans = Moors] from Her MatriarchALegendary BlaCreationALLEGORYoruba [Roman = Saturnian = Rome = Saturn] Sorcery Parliament of Supreme Inter Galactic BlaCreationALLEGORICALiquifeable Hellenistic [Sexually Explicit] MELanin from Inner Earth :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Hail Prince Satan ♀

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