Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meta Magick of Atlantis

♀ Prince Satan’s Heavy Brain MagiCK [Dark Matter = Extra Telepathic MELanin] Psychic Exercises [Royal Black Genetic Bloodlines] in Meta [MetaphoricALkhemicALLEGORIES] MagiCK [Advanced Afrology] and Invocation [Sentient Ancestral Akashic Pictographic Tonality Visuals = Bionic 1st iEye]… be so Not of this 3d World of Illusions [Idiocracy]… I Use My Advanced Sorcery Sciences [Meta MagiCK = Ancient BlaCKEMETHNICosmiconstellation Peoples MagiCKundalini Sex Physics] to Instruct 3d mortals [Artificial Intelligent Agents = Religious Gov’ment Employees = Greys = Sheep in Wolves Clothing] to write Many books about Us :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Hail Prince Satan ♀

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