Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inner Earth Secrets

♀ As I disclose 2 U Moor of Our Ancient 1st iEye Secrets from Inner Earth’s Cerebral Core City of Illuminated Ancestral Spectral Souls [Hi:teKEMETHNIC KIN:folK]… I use My Highly Developed Hydrophilic Aquatic Molecules [HAM = Hammurabi’s Coded Pineal Gland] from My Sut Typhonian [Satanic] Genetics 2 Phonetically Compose My Next Cryptic Clairvoyant Composition of MagisteriALkhemetic Esoteric Theorems [Formulaic Spells]… 4 My Secret Mephistophelean Manuscripts of Goetia Equations are Homeric Verses from Inner Earth’s [Atlantis] BlaCK People of Hellenistic MagiCK [BlaCosmic Psychogenetic Communications] to ALL Our Infinite Indigenous Ones of OriginALkhemicALuciferian [Lemurian = Typhonian = Saturnian] Telepathic BlaCosmic Blood [RoyALTIYE] 

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