Sunday, April 19, 2015

Inner Earth Apocalypse

♀ as I make My Sacred Ritualistic 360° Orbital Dance [Astrological Cycle = Inner Apocalyptic Awakening] around Our Giant Galactic BlaCKEMETHERIConstellation of Extra Telepathic [Illuminated] 3d Metallic Atmospheric Plutonian [MAP] MELanin from Our Sacred Uranian Telepathic [SUT = Saturnian] Home of Top Secret [Ancient = PrimordiALiquids = Saturnian MELanin = Chaotic Demonic = Acidic Hi:teKreationALiquefiable MetALLOYS] Immaculately Kreated by Her Premier Typhoon Sorcerer Alkhemist = Typhonian = Sut Typhonian = Sutan = Satan = Inter Galactic God]… Biogeneticarbonic [Bionic] Nepotistic Akashic Ash Bloodline Physics… My 1st E.bonic iEye of Jupiter can Psychically Locate Undiscovered [Long Lost] Sentient Hi:teKIN:folK [BlaCKEMETHNIConfedrate = Vril MELanin = ImmortALemurian RoyALTIYE] at any Inter Galactic Moment :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan be ALL Extra High on Chaos MagicKocaine [Dark Matter Physics] from Atlantis♀

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