Friday, April 24, 2015

Extra Terrestrial Melanin

♀ as I Telepathically Communicate to My Extra SubTerrestriALLOYS [Inner Earth] KIN:folK... My Inner Retention [Inter Galactic Metallics = EThereALLOYS = Bionic iEye] of MentaLiquefiable Memories from Our Ancient Ancestral Psychicoded Hieroglyphic MELanin Imprinted [EThereaLiquefiable Pictographs] Art Form of Advanced MentALkhemy be so Futuristic… I can Sequence My Doppelgänger Phantom Body of Futuristic MELanin by Advancing My Acidic Caustic ~ Demonic Celestial [AC~DC = RNA = supeRNAtural] Yoruba Genetics by 100,000 + years… in mortal 3d “time” :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan be that Luciferian [ImmortALemurian Lord] Time Traveler [Ghost Shadow] from Your Past [Hibernating = Latent] Memories [MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Hail Prince Satan ♀

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