Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Coffy's Chem Trails

♀ as I make My Prophesied Methodical Diabolical Coup d'├ętat:akeover [Coupe de Ville]... My Very Hellenistic Matriarchal Renaissance Entourage be Blastin' EThereALLOYoruballisticsediments [Sinful Promiscuous Alkhemical Energy Trails = Sexual Chocolate MELanin] 2 those Hibernating RoyaLatent Extra BlaCKEMETHNICerebellum Mentals from ATLantis... 4 Her Lustful Luciferian Energy is Extremely Hypnotic to My 9th Senses of Futuristic Sexual BehaviorALLEGORIES from My Pre Dynastic Orgasmiconstellation of Sirius Telepathic Hedonistic BlaCK Dot [Psychic Imprinted] Thoughts from Polyatomic [Nuclear] MELanin ♀

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