Sunday, April 19, 2015

Canis Major KUSH

♀ as I Heavily Inhale on Motha’ Natures Erogenous Sentient AKUSHIC [Akashic] Ash Leaf Physics... I Laugh Out Loud [LOL] as Your simplistic 3d religious corporate gov’ment of Illiterate Mainstream Mentals... pretend to tell Me what I, Prince Satan can and cannot Smoke... 4 I Stay Rebeliciously & Telepathically [Alkhemically & EThereally] Growin’ Smokin’ Eatin’ Mary Jane’s [Mother’s] Venusian Botanicarbonicellular Canis Major KUSH on any given Ash Monday [Moon Day = 4:20] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan Stay Psychically Disobedient [Evil] to ALL 3d mortal [Jesus = Matrix] illusionary laws ♀

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