Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Black Volcano Blood

♀ My RoyAL Black Extra Thought [BET] Transference Equilibrium Bloodline is from Her Extremely Telepathic [ET] PrimevAL [Ancient = Prehistoric = before physical = Ethereal = ET = ETruscan = BlaCK Sentient Soular Life] Crystalline MELanin of Sirius Untraceable Unclassifiable UniversAL BlaCKEMETHNIC Origins… 4 My Inner Satanic Genesis is like a supeRNAturAL BlaCataclysm of Violent Volcanic Eruptions of Extra BlaCosmicocaine Ash [Chaos] Physics… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as My Supreme MentALkhemicALLOY Science of Sirius UniversAL BlaCKEMETICosmiconstellation CreationALife Physics… EbonicKali [Linguistically] known as Prince Satan’s Underworld Telepathic [SUT] Typhon Physics of Atlantis ♀

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