Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vril RNA

MU:13 | as My RoyAL Hi:teKARAMELanin [Vril RNA] of Our Many Hidden AncestrAL Bla.eKosmic PortALs [Bloodlines]… Elevate to Communicate 2 Many Moor Higher Notations [Nations] of ALL Blac Frequencies [ALL Bla.eKosmic UniversAL Revolutionary Spins = KURS]… Learnt from Her AboriginAL BlaCosmic Coptic Librarian [Libra] Scales of Sirius MELodic Harr’monic [MH] Nationalities that be Transmittin’ from Her Infinite # of EXTRA SubTropics of Capricorn… AfrologicKali [EbonicKali] known as My Heavy Hittite Resonate Telepathic Tonalities [Familia] of ATLantus™ :::POOOF::: I Create Superior Unified Theorems of UniversAL Telepathic Sounds [Clairvoyant Birth Records = Bla.eKIN:folKAkashicKURecords = Our BlaCosmic BluPrints] :::POOOF::: My Telepathic Psychic Bionic [Sonic] Ear of HarrEL [ELohim] can create Vibrah’shunAL [Vril] Sounds to Immaculately Kreate Many Moor Vril VisuALs [BlaConstellations] that are Completely Undetectable Unreachable Unknowable by the Inferior mortal flint:stoneage technology of N.A.S.A [Massa] :::POOOF::: MichaEL HarrEL [David] vs. N.A.S.A. [Goliath] :::POOOF::: I just murk’d Goliath… Sirius ly

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