Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unidentifiable Freemasonry Origins [U.F.O.]

MU:13 | as My Moorish Phallic Encoded Natural Illustrious Ship [P.E.N.I.S.] of Untraceable Freecurrency O’rigins [U.F.O.]… Rises ALL UP IN:side Her Psychic Oceans of Luminous MysticAL MythicAL MusicAL Harr'monicKs… I Meticulously & MethodicKali Drown Myself Beyond Deep… IN:side Her Warm Atmospheric Walls of Heavenly Vibrah’shunAL Psychic Treasures of Unidentifiable Euphoric Bla.eKAura:gens… so take cliff notes as I take this One Way Flight 2 Her Hidden Infinite MatriarchAL Bla.eKINGardens of Hedonistic Edenic MagicK… from ATLantus™ :::POOOF::: I just Mile High Klub'd U

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