Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Underworld iSpy

♀ Prince Satan [Aristotle] has always been a Rebelicious Underworld Agent since My Scientific Esoteric ReBirth [ImmortAL] into this unusually low Matrix dimension of Hibernating BlaCK People MagiCK MentALs… I Meticulously Methodically EThereally Annihilate Non Native Religious Corporate Gov’ments… Deep from within their secret Holographic private consortium rooms of carefully orchestrated truth fictions [Politics]… 4 My EThereAL KEMETHNIC Ozonic [Olmec] Mist consist of an Infinite # of Undetected Frequencies of Ultra BlaKEMETHNIC Electromagnetic Telepathic Intelligentsia OrbitALs from Saturn’s Atmospheric Soular BlaConstellation of Supreme MELodic Underworld TonALinguistic Telepathic Theorems :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I’mma Sirius Ethereal Telepathic Heretic [SETH] Lemurian iSpy [Most Wanted Ghetto Occultist] from Our ALL BlaKEMETHNIC Underworld City of Los Atlantis ♀

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