Monday, March 23, 2015

Telepathic Imprints from Atlantis

♀ as I continue to Resurrect My Ancient MonumentAL Historic Columns in da’ Air and Translate 'em like I just don't care... I Meticulously MethodicKali MELodicKali & Metaphorically Design a New Scripted Series [BluBlaCoptic Prints] of MentAL OpticAL MonumentAL Prisms [EThereAL Illustrations] of Prophetic Telepathic Artistic Visions from Deep IN:side My Futuristic AlkhemicALaboratory MentAL of AncestrALLOYS... Immaculately Kreated from Our Ancient Hi:teKosmic Gnostic Hieroglyphic [Telepathic] Visions of King Solomon’s Symbiotic Seals [AncestrAL Alkhemy of MELanin] 

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