Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sirius Masonic Mason of AmeriKA

MU:13 | I’mma Sirius [O’riginAL] BlaCK Soular Egyptian [KEMETIC] Pharaonic Satanic [Saturnian] LeMURian [Reincarnated Masta’ Masonic Moor = Bla.eKnights Templar] of Our AboriginAL Hidden [1st ALL Seeing iEye] Hi:teKnowled G.E [SuperNaturAL BlaCosmiconstellation Histories] from Her RoyAL MatriarchAL World Shadow [Indigenous BlaCK Telepathiconstellation MagiCK] Order from Ancient AmeriKA [ATLantus™]… My MonumentAL MentAL MagickAL AlkhemicALemurian Hi:teKosmicreations [Olmec Heads] are found ALL over Our Indigenous Planet of Sirius [Terra = TerrestriAL = Earth]… We shall now began to Unmask [Uncloak] Ourselves and Make Our Non Televised [Not Mainstream] Presence Known from Our KEMETIC Hyperbaric MentAL MetaphoricALemurian Tombs of Hi:teKarbon Dated MELanin… 4 Our Supreme Telepathic Communications to Her Infinite Omni:versAL Bla.eKnights Templar Klans of Sirius Hi:teKrypticKosmicKundalini Warriors of Mali have Permanently Reestablished Our O’riginAL SuperNaturAL Telepathic MagiCKonstitutions [Kouroukan Fouga] that Supersedes [Voids] ALL Non Indigenous constitutions of white patriarchal male flint:stoneage [Dark Age] rulership… Sirius ly

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