Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sirius Black Pigmentation Physics

♀ as I remiX My 144,000 Satanic [Unbreakable] BlaChlorophyll Codes 2 Our Heavy ConfidentiALuciferian AboriginALkhemicALLOY Olmec MentALemurians [Librarians = Libras] of Pure Necronomic [Demonic = MonumentALkhemicALLOY Negro Economics = EThereAL Equilibrium Intelligence = Psychicommunications] Metallic MinerALs [BlaCarbonic Telepathic Akashic MELanin]… My Dogon Dogstar Ancestors [KEMETruscans]… continue to Articulate 2 My 1st iEye of Saturn’s Phonetic Telepathic Intelligence from Ultra Hi Def Pictographic Visuals 2 AlkhemicKali [Phonetically] create a New KEMETHNIC Empire of Supreme Telepathic Physics of Sirius EThereALLOY MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Sirius BlaCK Pigmentation MagiCK ♀

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