Friday, March 20, 2015

Santeria ~ The Advanced Physics [Religion] of Her AboriginAL BlaCKali Lemurians of Atlantis

MU:13 | Brought to Cuba as “Slaves” [Indigenous Royalty = Indigenous Moors] tha’ Yoruba [Dogon] People of West Africa [Mali] preserved Our Top Secret [Telepathic] Religion's Heritage [Sphinx Wisdom] by disguising Our ImmortAL Psychic Gods of MELanin... as BlaCatholic Saints [Bla.KEMET.eKnights Templar = Alkhemists] and Worshipping [Communicating] with them in Secret [TelepathicKali]... tha’ resulting is a New AboriginAL BlaCKATelepathic AncestrAL Religion [AboriginAL Sphinx Mythology = Advanced Physics of MELanin = Hi:teKnowled G.E. = Advanced AncestrAL Alkhemy from KEMET & ATLantus™ = AmeriKA]... known as Her Ancient Santeria, a blend of Primitive [Advanced] MagicK and OriginAL BlaCatholicism [Coptic Texts of Supreme Hieroglyphic Ancestral Immortal Life Philosophies = AncestrAL Secrets... written in Telepathic Language... By Us for Us]... Us so called “Extra subTerrestrials” = E.T. = EThiopians = ETruscans = MARtians = Byzantine Telepathic Empires of Eastern Romans = AboriginAL BlaCK Moors = LeMURians] is now practiced by an estimated five + million AboriginAL BlaCosmic AMERicans [LeMURians] ♀

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