Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recessive Germ Genetics

MU:13 | My 1st ALL Seeing Osiris iEye sees it before it happens… as I Triumphantly Stay Slayin’ these archaic cave beasts while EuphoricKali Amplifying My Hi:teKosmicKryptic AlkhemicAL Samples of Heated Atomic EThereALaser Spit Bombs from My Inner Hi:teKEMETIC Laboratories of Fast & Furious Automated AncestrAL Recorded Slurs… 4 I stay Speed Racin’ Meticulously thru this Sludge of Dead Propaganda from tha’ wannabe scientists of basic white lab rat magic... I created eons ago from the Incestuous Germ Genetics of Dr. Moreau

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