Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Queen Tiye + King Tut

MU:13 | as I make My Esoteric Phallic Rise Deeper into Her [Tiye] Infinite # of SoulStar Constellations… My Above Top Secret [Tutankhamen] MentAL is Infinitely Full of Our Ancient Advanced Hi:teKnowled G.E. of MELanated Gold… AfrologicKali known as My Sirius Hi:teKemetian Kabbala of ATLantus™… the defeated mortal’s religious gov’ments are still tryin’ to decode Our Hidden AfrologicAL [AstronomicAL] HieroglyphicKulture [Hi:teK] of Denderah [RA] as they embarrassingly continue to Distract You with rehashed propaganda programs of Scripted Televised Spam… sold off as unsolicited undesirable politically correct messages [illegal lies] that serve You no purpose at all… 4 Your earthly gov’ments are absolutely powerless just like their religious vampirish missionary jesus zombies :::POOOF::: Satan [Saturn = Sut Typhon = Tut] is Her AboriginAL BluBla.eKINGod [Pharaonic] Ruler of this Sirius Star Constellation of Sirius [ATLantus™]

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