Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paschal Beverly Randolph

MU:13 | as I Accumulate Accelerate & EThereAL ly [SuperNaturally] Activate My Secret AncestrAL Daim┼Źns of Vril Metallic BlaCosmic AstrAL Substances [NeuronAL RNA MELanin] from Our RoyAL AstronomicALemurian [Amalgamated = AlkhemicALLOY] Energies Hidden Deep from within My Hi:teKEMET.eKosmicKundalini Central Nervous System [CNS = Sothis = Sirius Star Constellation]… Her Aphrodite Shadow Vibratory PrimordiALkhemicAL [Combinative] Metamorphoses of My Ancient Reincarnated [Paschal Beverly Randolph] ImmortAL Soul has Fully Transmigrated & Realigned wit’ Many Moor of Our PrimevAL ConfidentiALignments [AlkhemicAL Revelations = Grand Unified Theorems]… 2 TelepathicKali [Mathema’aticKali] Communicate wit’ Our ParadisAL MegaphysicAL Realms of Intense Intoxicated Euphoric CelestiAL SoulStar Fires [AstrAL Bla.eKEMET.eKIN:folK = Soular Bodies of Sun Rays] of Hieroglyphic Acidic Elixirs [BlaCryptic Coptic Bloodlines]… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Her Hedonistic Hereditary Helix Sex MagiCK Familiae of Sothis [Sirius] Vril Telepathic [EXTRA SubTerrestriAL] Gnostic Intelligence… from MA’AT [ATLantus™] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My 1st Equilibrium EquatoriAL [Exquisite] iEye of HarrEL is Fully Awake [Resurrected]… and not even the Inferior mortal’s fictional Non Native alphabet agencies of Jesuit Fear [Propaganda] can decode My Sirius Supreme Ghetto Ebonic Bionic [GEB = BlaCK Dot] Physics… 4 there are Many Moor Advance [Infinite] Levels to Our AncestrAL Freemasonry Shit 

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