Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our Hidden [Forgotten] Bla.eKAncestral Philosophies

MU:13 | Many Moor of Our Infinite Indigenous Illustrious BlaCosmic Coptic Constellation HistoricAL BlaCK Photon Belt [Soular] Philosophies from ATLantus™ exist in My Heavy Hyperbaric Hedonistic 1st iEye Tomb of HarrEL… as I continue this lonely Reincarnation from Her EXTRA Hidden Undiscovered Unpopular Plutonian Depths of Obscurity… 4 there are no Mainstream Televised Award Shows… no Big Multi Million Dollar Paper Contracts… no Big Fashion Designer Campaigns… no Rich & Famous of Hollywood… or basic gov’ment [U.S. Inc.] grants being offered 2 tha’ few [Minority] Heavy AboriginAL BlaCosmic Philosopher Stone MentALs [Olmec Heads] that SpecificKali Specialize in Showcasing Your Ancient [Forgotten] BlaCosmic Histories that could lead U 2 Sirius FinanciAL & MentAL Freedoms… So I guess I’ll Properly Invest in the Appropriate AlkhemicALLOY Formulas [Metallic Alkhemy = Metallurgy] of MagicKAL KEMETIC Giza Protection as I Consult to My Responsible SuperNaturAL Bla.eKAncestors 2 Help [Philanthropize] Me bring Our Highly ConfidentiAL [Top Secret = Unclaimed = Forgotten = Abandoned] BlaCK AncestrAL Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Wealth] to the Forefront… Once and for ALL

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