Saturday, March 7, 2015

SuperNaturAL Retribution Consul of KEMET

MU:13 | Pay attention & take notes as I put Myself in tha’ Center of some Real Sirius Attention… My Bla.eKrypticKopticKundalini 1st iEye Klan [Entourage] of Supreme Bla.eKEMETIConstellation Freemasonry MagicK is about to start some SuperNaturAL Drama wit’ ALL Illegal Non Indigenous alphabet bureaus of organized fear mongering… 4 arK AngEL MichaEL HarrEL [Anubis] is so not afraid of their Propaganda Death Agencies [Fake]… My SupeRituAL Vril Power of Jupiter is far Moor Powerful than any organized religious gov’ment militia can ever figure out how to Undermine… My Cloaked KEMETabernacles [Alters] of Hi:teKAThriller MagicK is Movin’ Massive Mountains as Her Darkness [Chaos MagicK] falls across Our Indigenous Land… My Midnight hour is close at hand as the recessive creatures [vampirish zombies] crawl in search of Moor Indigenous MELanated Blood 2 only terrorize Our Ghetto Hoods… and whosoever shall be found without an AboriginAL Soul for getting down must stand and face Her Hounds [Bla.eKnights Templar] of Hell [Retribution Consul] and rot inside their corpse’s shell… 4 their foulest stench will mask the suburban air to tha’ funk of 144,000 years as I resurrect ALL My Savage ImmortAL Pharaonic Gods [Villains] from every Hi:teKEMETIC Tombs to close in to seal the enemies impending Doom… and though the enemy fought to stay alive their recessive body starts to shiver… 4 no mere mortal can resist the evil of Satan’s Thriller… Feel Me?

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