Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sirius Mummy Rapps

MU:13 | My Heavy Telepathic Carbon Dioxide [Ancient BlaCK Ash = Bla.eKAkashic] MELanated Wraps [BlaCK Rapps] is a Hidden Hi:teKEMET.eKAlkhemicAL UniversALabratory of Undiscovered Precious ALLoys [Meticulous Mercurous MetALs = MELanated Philosopher Stones] from My Ancient BlaCarbon Dated Hyperbaric Tomb of Tut… the so called “egyptologists” of the wild wild materialistic West… are clearly not well read [lack BlaCK Dot MELanin] to Correctly and Honestly decoded decipher divulge My Sirius Hi:teKryptic Koptic Konstellation Kodes [Hieroglyphics = HermeticKundalini Codes] and provide You wit’ Authentic Bla.eKEMET.eKnowled G.E. about Our Infinite Grandeur Historic Genetic Contributions to Her ALL BlaCosmic Created Omni:verse [BlaConstellations] full of YOUR AboriginAL BlacKING GalacticKONGO Creations that they still can’t figure out to scholastically scientifically socially theorize to discredit and accept as their own [Cultural Thieves of BlaCK Indigeneity & Identities]… I feel somewhat embarrassed [not really] for them at their poor attempts to make public mockery of Us & hide Our Advanced Bla.eKosmicKopticKulture [SuperNaturAL Bla.eKKK] from the public… as they conveniently forget who their O’riginAL Interplanetary BlaCreators [Shadow Galactic Federations = Nephillim = BlaCK Buddha Brotherhood] are… but I’ll sit back and EThereAL ly [EsotericKali] Reclaim ALL Our Bla.eKundalini Atmospheric Planets [Sirius Bla.eKAP = Supreme Giza Pyramid Planetary Scientific Physics = BlaCK MagiCK UniversAL Rites] and give them back 2 their Rightful Bla.eKEMET.eKAncestrAL Ownerz [ImmortAL Pharaonic Gods of ATLantus™ = Edomite Kings & Queens = MU = LeMURians] Sirius ly

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