Friday, March 6, 2015

Kouroukanfouga Constitution of AmeriKA

MU:13 | My Heavy SuperNaturAL Eschatologist MentAL [Book of Enoch] of Our Ancient MythologicAL Futures from ATLantus™ [Restored World]… contain an endless vault full of Prophesied Prophecies [Metaphors = Book of Revelations]… that We SuperNaturAL ELohims [Seraphim] Telepathically Wrote in the Ancient Future eons ago regarding the ending of Her AlkhemicAL BlaCosmic KEMETICycle [Aftermath] that began in 1894… 4 My 1st Masonic iEye of Inner CelestiAL Visions are so far Advanced into Our MELanated Millenia Futures that I can actually see ALL Our O’riginAL SuperTerrestriAL Souls… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Our Kemetic Uranian Revolutionary Utopian Klans of AncestrAL Nations [KURUKAN]…. Livin’ in a fully FunctionAL UniversAL Galactic Atmospheric [FUGA] Indigenous NationAL Society [INS] of ALL Euphoric Psychic BlaCreations… Created from Her Hi:teKouroukanfouga Constitution [Hittite Coded SuperNaturALaws] of Mali

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