Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mount Kilimanjaro is a Cloaked Pyramid

MU:13 | as I dissipate My Super EThereAL RituAL Verses of Our Ancient Hi:teKnowled G.E. [BlaCK MagiCK = Ozone Layer = Resurrected Souls]… the archaic flint:stoneage [Caveman] propaganda of the Western Media Mafia has run out of Juice as My Egyptian AlkhemicAL MythologicAL Masonic Bla.eKIN:folK rises back to tha’ Top Pinnacle of Mount Kilimanjaro [Cloaked Pyramid] of Sirius Illuminated BlaCelestiAL Power… 4 My Dogon Magick of Ancestral Lemurian Indigeneity [MALI] comes from Her Omnipresence Telepathic MagiCKonstitutions [Kouroukan Fouga] that has been Signed Sealed Delivered by Her UniversAL Event Horizon Squadron [ELohims] for ALL Our SuperNaturAL Bla.eKEMET.eKopticKosmic [HieroglyphicKlans] Plutonium SoulStars to Return to their Rightful Indigenous Masses of AboriginAL Atmospheric Telepathic [MA’AT] Lands of Sirius Polyatomic MELanated MinerALs [BlaCK Volcanic Venusian Lava = Carbon Dated MELanin] 

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