Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mental Ark of Noah

MU:13 | My Heavy Hermetic MentAL Soul arK is a Sirius Indestructible Hi:teKosmic Computer of ALL Our Ancient BluPrints of HieroglyphicKosmicKodes [Blac AncestrAL Akashic Records]… Immaculately Kreated from Our Infinite # of Undiscovered BlaConstellations of Superior ImmortAL Bla.eKAncestrAL Hi:teKIN:folKreations [Supreme Bla.eKundalini MELanin]… 4 My Telepathic Psychic Bionic iEye of HarrEL [ELohim] can Flash Surf thru any of Our AboriginAL Bla.eKAncestrAL MentAL PortALs [BlaCosmic Holes] at any given moment and PhoneticKali [Phoenicians] Bend Time without any given thought… Our Future Destinations are So Far Beyond [Light Years Ahead] what Your inferior [Non Indigenous] earthly religious propaganda gov’ments of Embarrassments [Irrelevance] can offer… it’s so laughable & degrading to even consider… 4 My Sirius BlaClairvoyant Draconian Constellations of Top Secrecy [AboriginAL BlaCryptic Coptic Serpentine Races] contain 12 SuperNaturAL Bla.eKlairvoyant Apostles [arK AngELs = ELohims = Seeds] from KEMET which are Your 12 Zeus [Zodiac] Horo scopes [Heru visions] of ATLantus™ :::POOOF::: I’mma AncestrAL BlaCATelepathicKIN:folK [ImmortAL] from Your Supreme BlaConsciousness

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