Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Knock Knock

MU:13 | My Left MechanicAL HemisphericAL Cerebrum Cortex of ParentAL Advisory Stickers is Abstractly knock knockin’ at My Right ArtisticKAncestrAL SymmetricAL ElectricAL ArchitecturAL Vaulted Doors of EXTRA Long AlkhemicAL Verses from ATLantus™… I CripticKali Create Priceless Phonetic Phonetician Prophecies that not even your mainstream pimp pedophile priest can cast an unholy spell on… I’m way too slick 2 gift wrap and confess ALL My Sinful Lustful Hedonistic Confessions to as I Infinitely praise Myself wit' Moor Supreme Immortality and Flash Accelerate My EThereALemurian Reptilian Venom bendin’ thru ALL their holographic commercials of Suspended Space & Time… as My RegAL King Tut Genetic Inception MentAL iEye stay provokin’ Ritualistic Intricate Crop Circles Synonymous wit’ Invincible Invisible BlaCK CosmiCK MagiCK of Sirius Erotic Anonymous Satisfaction

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