Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Itchy Telepathic Trigger Finga'

♀ I take a Golden Bullet to My Heavy Meticulous MentAL Throne of Shotgun [Shogun] Physics and Naturally breakdown Her Metallurgic AlkhemicALLOY Components parallel projecting from tha’ Inner Steele Chamber Clip of their inferior flint:stoneage retractable velocity weapons… 4 My Masta’ Killa’ Physics is NOT to be Understood by the weak minded religious folk… known as Jesus’s expendable masses… their NationAL Televised Ignorance of Her SuperNaturAL AncestrAL UniversAL BlaCosmic Laws + Mainstream Propaganda Fear has lead them to MentAL Darkness [Lost]… My Sirius BlaCK Inner Sun Force of Omni:versAL GravitationAL Pull has Full Access to Moor Rhythmic Hi:teKinematic Beats of AboriginAL Telepathic MentALs Immaculately Kreated from Our Empyrean Doppelgänger BlaCosmiconstellations of Sirius Upgradeable KEMETHNIC RNA [RoyAL BlaCosmic Bloodlines of BlaCK RoyALTIYE] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I Fully Rep’ Supreme Chaos Physics of ATLantus™ as I Skillfully & Masterfully remiX My Inner MELodic Akashic Resonate Beats on My Premier Hi:teKeyboards… wit’ My Big BlaCK Golden Telepathic MentAL Trigger Finga’ ♀

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