Monday, March 9, 2015

Giza Pyramid of Supreme Pineal Glands

MU:13 | My Supreme 1st Psychic ALL Seeing iEye of BlaCK Hole MentAL Physics [ALL BlaCKEMETIC Giza Pyramid PineAL Glands] Stay Strong... as I Reintroduce U 2 Our INNER Infinite World Order of Mali... Our New Ancient AncestrALkhemicALemurian BlaCosmiCoptiConstellation [MELanated Photon Belt Sciences] Hi:teKosmos Histories [RoyAL BlaCKEMETIC MagiCK]… from My SuperNaturAL [EThereAL] Bla.eKAtmospheric Illuminated Island Planet of ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: the Matrix Wall Street Stockholders [Soulless Ones] Purposely don’t teach Your AboriginAL BlaCosmos [Dogon = Egyptian Moors = LeMURians] Soul Histories in THEIR inferior Non Native schools, churches, gov'ments, museums, etc... just so u know... Sirius ly

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