Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ghetto MagiCK

MU:13 | My Sirius BlaCK Heru Pantha’ Genetic Consanguinity Genesis [RoyAL Sphinx] MentAL of Her Egyptian [KEMETIC] Isis MagiCK… is LinguisticKali Intellectually Savage about Our Hidden Elaborate Hi:teKnowled G.E. as I stay abruptly interruptin’ your regularly scheduled programming from his~fictional stories of utterly boring [bland] mainstream televised politically correctness… 4 My Supa Dupa Telepathic Grip is Autonomous Ferocious Intense Thuggish Killa’ Ghetto Cryptic Hide yo Purse Unattainably Dangerous… to the Good Ole Boy agencies as I continue to Rock the Boat wit’ My Heavy Telepathic Inter Planetary Ancient Future Histories of Our SuperNaturAL BlaCosmiCelestiALkhemicALemurian Creations of Unidentifiable HermeticKali Sealed Hi:teKAura:gens… My Most Wanted Psychic Information leading to the MentAL Freedom of ALL My Superior Bla.eKIN:folK stay EXTRA Heavy on My 1st Apex iEye as I SupeRituAL ly [EThereAL ly] divulge Many Many Moor [Infinite] Secrets from Our Shadow AncestrAL Freemasonry Federations of Supreme Advanced Futuristic BlaCosmicKEMET.eKAchievements of Omni:versAL Notoriety :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: his Non Native Mis-Education ain’t got Shit on Me… Sirius ly

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